February 22, 2018

90 years Cornilescu Bible Anniversay



On the 18th November 2014 we will celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Cornilescu Translation. Translated by Dumitru Cornilescu, with the first publication made by BFBS in 1924, this translation has gone on to touch many lives. It is now the most widely used and popular Protestant translation in the Romanian language and is of high historical importance in Romanian History.

We would like to invite anyone who wishes to share and celebrate in this special event to come to the celebration on: 18th November at: Sala Dalles, on Bd-ul Nicolae Balcescu, nr.18 at :11:00- 13:00 and then 6,30 p.m. – 8,00 p.m.

Come and join us and celebrate the great work that Dumitru Cornilescu did, which is a part of our history and yours.