March 18, 2018

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Ana and Cătălin, 6 years old. Găbud kindergarten, Alba region. A small village, with poor people and a few children. A poverty which seems to isolate them from the world. Improvised kindergarten in an old building, supported by the monks of Oasa monastery. That’s how we have met them, on the eve of Christmas. Ana and Catalin great us with „God bless you!” From their lips the words were sounded of comfort. We brought toys, sweets, clothes and books for them and their brothers. They felt that Santa Claus didn’t forget them and Jesus will be forever with the children. They go to church every Sunday, they come full of joy to the kindergarten where they learn poems and plays. Their soul grows with an unlimited faith that the world is a good place to live and people are happy. How could we and you keep their ideal?

You can offer clothes, sweets, toys to IBSR office.

For children projects you can donate any sum in the following bank accounts:

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